The Long Island area contains many good places for camping, hiking, biking, canoeing and other outdoor activities. Here you will find a collection of maps from public sources or our troop library.

Driving Directions to all camps from the James E Allen School can be found in the attachment sections below

 is a troop favorite. Blydenburgh County Park joins Celeb Smith State Park and form a very large park which is close to home and is a great place for all activities including camping, hiking. Blydenburgh does get crowded in the spring and fall. Much new work has been put into the camp recently with lean-to's being a nice addition to each of the  group camping sites. The Greenbelt trail runs through the camp which is a great hike. 

West Hills is another troop favorite. The camp is a hidden gem of long island, it has miles of hiking trails. Jaynes hill, the highest point on long island is on the eastern section of the park. The western portion of the park was once a scout camp for Nassau County and is now only open to youth group camping. There are two shelters in the camp with improved fireplaces. Many of the site contain lean-to's but some are in disrepair. The camp is only open to youth groups and such is not used much so getting camping permits is usually easy. Shelter camping in the winter is available.

Cathedral Pines County Park
 is a great place for mountain biking and hiking. It is not too far and has lots of campsites. Webloes woods is held he or in Hecksher State park. The camp has indoor and heated bathrooms so cold weather is somewhat easier for camping. The park is not all that large but the large number of campsites means you might meet a few other troops there. 

Hecksher State Park is one of the two places where webloes woods has been held. It is located on the south shore of long island. It can get quite windy. Camping in the oak groves can provide shelter. The park has an abundance of deer in the park which can be seen in the early morning. Depending upon the time of year there can be an entrance fee to the park. If you arrive very early or very late then you can usually get in free.

Baiting Hollow Scout Camp is owned by the Suffolk County Council. Events such as Order of the Arrow, Spring Camp, Eagle Camp and Summer Camp are all held here. The camp is not all that large but well run. Many of the campsites have tents on platforms or cabins. There is a swimming area in a fresh water lagoon.

Caumsett State Park is located on the north shore of long island in the town  of huntington. It is the former estate of marshall fields. The park is set up for day hiking.

Sears Bellow is located just south of Riverhead. The park is a good place for fishing and short hikes.

Yawgoog Scout Reservation is located in Rockville Rhode Island. Troop 106 has been attneding Yawgoog for over thirty years. Camp Yawgoog is situated on 1800 acres of beautiful wilderness in Rockville, Rhode Island. Yawgoog is divided into three separate Camps: Three Point, Medicine Bow and Sandy Beach. Refer to theSummer Camp section for additional information

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