Past Events

Welcome to the past events page. Here you will find all the troop events over the years with a link to the activities which will take you to the events page. You can also go straight to Picasa see the photos from the events.

If you have some great memories, photos or comments please send them to me so that we can share them with everybody. I am especially interested in hearing from our troop alumni.

Miscellaneous     Historical Photos (1980 to 2004)
March 2004        Whitewater Rafting on the Lehigh River
April 2005        Model Rocketry
May 2005          Northport Service Project
July 2005
        Summer Camp in Yawgoog

November 2005     Camping at Blydenburgh
December 2005     NYC Trip
March 2006        Camping at Indian Island
April 2006        Camping in Blydenburgh
May 2006          Memorial Day Parade
June 2006         Flag Day Ceremony in West Hills
June 2006         Long Island Ducks Baseball Game
July 2006         Summer Camp in Yawgoog
August 2006       Florida Sea Base
October 2006      Weblos Woods at Hecksher State Park
November 2006     Camping in Byldenburgh
December 2006     Hiking in Boston
January 2007      Matinecock Klondike Derby
February 2007     Camping in West Hills
March 2007        Cathedral Pines Campout
April 2007        Sears Bellows Campout
May 2007          Memorial Day Parade
June 2007         Flag Day Ceremony in West Hills
July 2007         Summer Camp in Yagoog
September 2007    Harriman Hike
October 2007      Harriman Applaichan Trail Hike
October 2007      Court of Honor
November 2007     Blydenburgh Hike
December 2007     
Hiking in New York City
March 2008        Cathedral Pines Bike Trip
April 2008        Philmont Fundraiser
May 2008          Eagle Court of Honor
June 2008         Harriman Shakedown
July 2008         Philmont
August 2008       Summer Camp in Yawgoog
October 2008      Fighting 69th fundraiser
October 2008      Webelos Woods
November 2008     Blydenburgh Hike
February 2009     Edgewood Oakbrush Reserve
March 2009        Tuocs Cabin Baiting Hollow
April 2009        Remember to 70's Dance Fundraiser
May 2009          Whitewater Rafting on the Lehigh River
June 2009         Flag Day Ceremony
June 2009         Eagle Court of Honor
June 2009         Shooting at Suffolk Archers
July 2009         Summer Camp at Yawgoog
September 2009    Eagle Court of Honor
September 2009    Harriman Hike
October 2009      Bowlathon
October 2009      Webelos Woods Campout
November 2009     Camping at West Hills
December 2009     Sals Eagle Project
December 2009     Historical Society Picnic
January 2010      Polar Bear Camporee
March 2010        Harriman Hike to Tom Jones Mountain
April 2010        Webelos Archery at Suffolk Archers
May 2010          Whitewater Rafting on the Lehigh River
June 2010         Eagle Court of Honor
July 2010         Philmont
August 2010       Summer Camp at Yawgoog
September 2010    Tour of Henry Repeating Arms Factory
September 2010    Mountain Biking at Cathedral Pines
October 2010      Suffolk County Camporee
November 2010     Camping at Baiting Hollow Tuocs Cabin
December 2010     Eagle Court of Honor for John Connell
January 2011      District Polar Bear Camporee at Baiting Hollow
February 2011     Ski Trip to Vernon NJ
March 2011        Sams Eagle Court of Honor
March 2011        West Hills "F-Shelter"
April 2011        Kissam House Service Project
May 2011          Edgewood Preserve Service Project
May 2011          Whitewater Rafting on the Lehigh River
June 2011         Miracle League Service Project
June 2011         Flag Day At Huntington Elks
June 2011         Camping at Cathedral Pines
July 2011         Pancake breakfast Service project
August 2011       Summer Camp at Yagoog in Rhode Island
September 2011    Lean-to Camping at West Hills
October 2011      Hiking at Harriman State Park
October 2011      Webelos Woods at Hecksher Park
November 2011     Camping at Blydenburgh
December 2011     Trip to Washington DC
January 2012      District Polar Bear Camporee @ Baiting Hollow Scout Camp
March 2012        Bike trip to Cathedral Pines
May 2012          Whitewater Rafting on the Lehigh River
May 2012          Troop 106 Court of Honor
May 2012          Huntington Township Memorial Day Parade
June 2012         Paul Sambolin Eagle Court of Honor
July 2012         Nich D Fundraiser Breakfast
August 2012       Yawgoog Summer Camp
August 2012       Fishing at Captree with Pack 457
September 2012    Hiking in Harriman State Park
December 2012     Building Sleds for Polar Bear Camporee
January 2013      Polar Bear Camporee
February 2013     Court of Honor
February 2013     Service @ Cub Scout pinewood Derby
March 2013        Ski Trip
March 2013        Mary Brennan Soup Kitchen Service Project
March 2013        Unity Fair
March 2013        Scouting for Food
April 2013        Suffolk County Camporee
June 2013         Flag Day Ceremony
June 2013         Elks Service Prject
June 2013         Giovanni and Victor Spardaro Eagle Court of Honor
July 2013         Nick Forelli Eagle Service Project
July 2013         Nick Demidovich Pancake Breakfast fundraiser
August 2013       Summer Camp at Yawgoog
September 2013    Hiking and camping at Harriman State Park
September 2013    Elks Service Project
September 2013    Miracle League Walkathon Service
October 2013      Pasta Night Fundraiser
November 2013     West Point Football Game
December 2013     Nick Forelli Eagle Court of Honor
January 2014      Polar Bear Camporee
March 2014        Overnight @ Battleship Cove
April 2014        Scouting for Food
April 2014        Matinecock District Spring Camporee
May 2014          Court of Honor
May 2014          Whitewater Rafting on the Lehigh River Pa.
May 2014          Cinco De Mayo Fundraiser
June 2014         Flag Day service Project
August 2014       Summer Camping at Camp Yawgoog
September 2014    Harriman Hiking
September 2014    Elks Service Project
October 2014      Webelos Woods
November 2015     Court of Honor