2008 April - Philmont Fundraiser

On April 12, we had our first big fundraiser - "Remember the 70's" dinner dance. The dance was held at the home of our sponsor - the Huntington Elks. The fun started early with an appearance from the supergroup Kiss and their  guest drummer (otherwise known as Sue Mentis).  Everyone enjoyed a great buffet dinner (thanks to the hard work of Mrs. Spadaro, Mrs. Mentis, and Mrs. Zelman) and then it was back to dancing and partying the night away.  We were treated to a number of surprise guest entertainers - including Sandy from "Grease", Sonny & Cher, Marilyn Monroe, and, of course, the King himself, Elvis Presley.  We were able to raise enough money to buy all the equipment we need and offset some of the other costs of our Philmont trip. We owe a big thanks to the Elks for letting us use the hall for free (thanks Bob and Kevin and all the Elks!) and to our own ASM Vic Spadaro for donating the services of his Victory Entertainment group.  They kept us dancing all night long and really made the party!  And last, but far from least, thanks to the women who made such great food - Mrs. Spadaro, Mrs. Mentis and Mrs. Zelman.  Thanks to you we had the energy to rock & roll all night.

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