2008 June - Philmont Shakedown

On  June 7th & 8th we had our final shakedown before Philmont. Starting out very early on Saturday morning we made our way north to Harriman and started at the north end of Lake Tiorati.

The day started out to be a very hot one but the sky was sunny and we had a long hike to Bald Rock. On the Way we stopped for lunch by a very large rock and enjoyed our philmont style trail meal.The trail down to the camp was very rough, lots of ups and downs and quie narrow spots. Although about 5 miles down to Bald rock the hike seemed much longer. We finally arrived in camp at mid afternoon and set up. There were several other scouts and campers when we arrived. Water was a challenge. We had to use our purifying pumps at a small stream.  This was much better than our September 2007 trip at this camp when we found all the streams to be bone dry. A few frisbee games and a Mac and Cheese dinner later we retired for the night. The next day we broke camp by 7 and was ont the trail shortly thereafter in order to beat the heat for the day. The forecast was for 90 degrees and it was at least that. On the way back we decided to take a bit flatter route which went primarily on access roads and partly on a paved road. It was amazing how much quicker this part of the trip went. We arrived back at the north end of the lake and got home by 2. All in all a very good trip. 

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