2009 - September - Harriman Hike

Our September trip in 2009 was a overnight to Harriman. We started out on Saturday morning from the Tuxedo park train station and went on our way down the red trail to Tom Jones Mountain. Saturday during the day was actually nice weather for hiking. Not too hot and partly cloudy. Unfortunately Johns injured foot made him unable to hike the entire way, so we sent Tom and John back and they drove to Tom Jones to meet the rest of the troop. We found the shelter was occupied but found a failrly level campsite a distance away. The dinner that night was quite good. We had chicken cutlets over rice pilaf. It was actually quite good. That night we did get a bit of rain but the next morning it was only drizzling so it wasnt too bad. We hiked back the way we came in and arrived home about 3:00 pm.
Tom, Matt, Gio, Kyle, Vic, John, Sal & Bob pose for a wet photo on saturday afternoon at Tom Jones Mountain.