2009 March - Tuocs Cabin Baiting Hollow

This trip was originally supposed to be in west hills. Luckily we changed it to Baiting Hollow. We arrived on Friday at 6:30 pm. After a quick check-in we went to see our spacious new accommodations. They were not much but they were significantly better than a tent. The cots were comfortable and the cabin had a wood burning stove for heat. During the day and evening when the fire was burning the cabin was very comfortable, but it got rather cold during the night. Mr. Spadaro was our chef the entire weekend and I think everybody gained at least two pounds. On Saturday morning after stoking the fire we had a good breakfast and played games like football, cards and chess. Geo and Kyle arrived in the morning. We went for a hike in the camp to see the other cabins and also on the beach over to Wildwood State Park. The shoreline was calm, soothing and very picturesque. We posed for a group photo and then headed back for a grand meal that night.  Everybody enjoyed the night of cards, chess and some singing we retired for the night. On Sunday morning we got up early and broke camp and left by 9.

2009 March - Baiting Hollow Tuocs Cabin

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